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Clifford: The Big Red Dog LiveClifford: The Big Red Dog Live

CliffordThe Big Red Dog, Live!

For more than 40 years, Scholastic's Clifford The Big Red Dog™ has charmed and amazed children with his engaging adventures and "Big Ideas." Now, kids will have a whole new way to experience the crimson canine with Clifford The Big Red Dog™ LIVE!

About The Production:

Featuring a brand new story, Clifford The Big Red Dog™ LIVE! brings the well-loved characters from Birdwell Island - including Emily Elizabeth, Cleo, T-Bone, Jetta, Charlie, and of course, Clifford - to a fun-filled spectacle for the whole family.

As Clifford and company emBARK on an effort to put on their own play on Birdwell Island, the "Big Ideas" that were introduced in the Clifford animated series airing on PBS KIDS will also take center stage. Clifford fans will love every minute, while seeing the value of teamwork and friendship when it comes to getting something done. Emily Elizabeth wants to put on a musical revue with her best friends. Everyone has different ideas, but ultimately the kids decide that the story should be about Clifford's life from puppy-hood and how he got to be so big. With memorable songs and the characters kids love, Clifford The Big Red Dog™ LIVE! is sure to be a "pup"ular hit!

Creative and Cast

  • Book and Lyrics by: Barry Harman
  • Music by: Kathy Sommer
  • Director: Gip Hoppe
  • Musical Director: Brent-Alan Huffman
  • Choreographer: Linda Goodrich
  • Asst. Director/Choreo: Jenn Rapp
  • Scenic Design: David Gallo
  • Lighting Design: Tom Sturge
  • Puppet Design: Michael Curry
  • Costume Design: Wendall Goings
  • Sound Design: Craig Cassidy
  • Clifford: John Haegele & Bradley Hoff
  • Clifford VO: Gregg Berger
  • Emily Elizabeth: Liza Johnston
  • T-Bone: Jason Whicker
  • Cleo: Tara Seisner
  • Mr. Bleakman: Paul Andrew Jones
  • Mrs. Bleakman: Ilana Meridith
  • Jetta: Laura Taylor
  • Charley: James St. Juniors Jr.
  • Mr. Carson: Gregg Baker
  • Male Swing: Edward Pipkin
  • Female Swing: Lori Brooke Cohan
Photo Gallery Clifford The Big Red DogPhoto Gallery Clifford The Big Red Dog

“A fun, smart, musical adventure that speaks to multiple generations through story, song and dance”

Turnstile Entertainment

“Kids who love Clifford’s books and the animated series will enjoy every moment of this production. ”

Scholastic Entertainment

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