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Spamalot Audition Packets

Please click on a role below to download the PDF Audition Packet.

To submit a video:

Download the audition packet. Please perform each side and song in the packet as well as a song of your choosing that best shows your vocal ability and personality. All songs must be performed with accompaniment. There is no need to memorize the material, but do be familiar with it so your head isn’t buried in the paper. Please have someone read with you, off camera, and make sure the submission includes full body and close up shots.

If auditioning for Ensemble:

Male ensemble members: You will need to understudy a principal role so you should submit an audition packet for the character that fits you and dance footage that shows your tap and jazz ability and any acrobatics.

Female ensemble members: should dress to dance and submit a video that shows vocal ability, tap and jazz dance and any acrobatics, or special skills

Post your submission on and email the links with a headshot and resume, labeled with your name, to: Please do not make the links private – it must be easy for the team to view.

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